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Moving Tips

Done 6-8 Weeks Before Move Notes
Get estimates for movers or rental truck
Schedule movers or rental truck
Determine furniture layout for new home
Make inventory of household items
Arrange for school transfer
Ask for doctor and dental referrals; arrange for transfer of medical and dental records
Fill out change-of-address card with post office
Clean out all closets and drawers
Done 4-6 Weeks Before Move Notes
Get packing supplies: boxes, packing paper, tape, markers
Use up or dispose of food, cleaning supplies, and hazardous materials
Have garage sale/donate unwanted items
Arrange for carpet and drapery cleaning
Arrange for house cleaning
Arrange for move of pets
Arrange for move of plants
Arrange for utilities (cancel old; start new):
Arrange for transfer of homeowner’s/renter’s insurance
Begin packing
Make travel arrangements
Request relocation package from chamber of commerce of new town
Done 2-3 Weeks Before Move Notes
Set aside critical documents and items you will keep with you
Transfer prescriptions
Change address:
Family and friends
Bank accounts
Health, life, and auto insurance policies
Credit card bills
Done 1-5 Days Before Move Notes
Defrost freezer
Empty ice maker and ice cube trays in case of power shutdown
Clean refrigerator, stove, and oven
Disconnect and drain appliances for move
Drain fuel from power equipment
Close out safe deposit box
Confirm travel arrangements
Confirm arrival time of movers/pick-up time of rental truck
Have payment and snacks ready for movers
Gather and clean outdoor furniture
Return cable box, cable modem, DSL modem if necessary
Organize keys
Clean house
Finish packing
Prepare food for moving day
Done Moving Day Notes
Disassemble beds
Double-check that all cupboards, closets, dishwasher and other appliances are empty
Give movers tour and instructions for what is being moved
Done Within 30 Days of Move Notes
Change address
Driver’s license
Auto registration
Voter registration
Re-establish safe deposit box
Enjoy new home!