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Moving Virtual Survey

Virtual Survey, Real Moving Quote

Meeting your needs for time & convenience

At Murphy Movers, we understand your time is valuable. Following a career change or facing a family need often means “it’s time to move”! And while scheduling an inspector to estimate sounds simple, your time leading up to “moving day” may not make this easy. That’s another reason why Murphy Movers should once again be your first choice.

What IS a “Virtual Visit”
Just like a video-call on your mobile device, Murphy Movers uses technology to help you make the most of your time. Once scheduled and confirmed, you can meet a Murphy Moving Specialist and walk them through you home and property. It’s important to understand that a Virtual Visit for Estimate is highly dependant on capturing all relevant information about location, access and amount of items to be moved.

Getting Started

A Virtual Visit starts by going to our website. At this page, you can first schedule a brief call with one of our friendly Move Coordinators. These Murphy team members have experience organizing and preparing for both in-person and virtual visits for estimating. They’ll ask some questions like:

  • Your current street address
  • Square footage
  • Accessibility (Driveway, Doors, Stairs, Elevators, etc.)

Following some of these basic questions, together you’ll schedule a time for your Virtual Visit for Estimate. A reminder can be emailed to you the day before your scheduled visit. Shortly before your appointment starts, download the App, insert the Customer Code provided, and our Murphy Movers Surveyor will be there with you by phone or tablet.

What to do during your “Virtual Visit”

Your Virtual Visit will begin with our Survey confirming some basic information. Following that, our Surveyor will direct you to walk through your home or apartment while holding your device like a camera. She or he may have a few questions as your continue through your residence. Please be sure during your Virtual Visit to mention items of high importance or those requiring special handling such as delicate artwork or other items of particular value that may require special packing and moving attention.

Tips for making this visit convenient & successful

  • Take your time. Our Surveyor is there to service you.
  • Hold your phone or tablet at chest-height. This should provide the greatest comfort for you.
  • Hold your device so the screen is vertical. This will help our Surveyor see things from floor-to-ceiling.
  • Work together. Our Surveyor may ask you to tilt your device toward the floor or ceiling to get a better look.
  • Looking everywhere. You’ll be asked to look into closets, kitchen cabinets & storage sheds.
  • Outside, Too. Expect our Surveyor to request a view of your driveway or parking lot and entry points.
  • Virtual Visits are Recorded. This step allows our Surveyors to review information, ask follow up questions if needed and provide the most accurate estimates available.

What Happens next
Once your Virtual Visit is completed, our Surveyor will review the information gathered. As a Murphy Move Specialist, the Surveyors have spent time in the field as movers, too. This allows them to apply that working knowledge to ensure accuracy and attention to your specific moving needs. In most cases a Digital estimate is returned to you within 48 hours / 2 Business days.

Your Estimate

Upon receiving and reviewing your estimate, please review it for accuracy. You may return it to us with your virtual approval or call us at 866-797-7020. As always, we look forward to serving your needs as you transition to your new home. Thanks for choosing Murphy Moving!

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