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Moving News

What does “insured” mean for a moving company?

When discussing insurance for a moving company, there are actually two things to be insured: The Moving Company. Business insurance for a moving company will traditionally cover their facilities, equipment, fleet and employees. Most often this includes vehicle and liability insurance. In addition, D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) numbers can be... read more

How to handle sentimental and high-value items

Say you’re moving soon and you’ve wisely chosen to hire a professional moving company. But since it’s the first time you’ve made a move like this (and the last few years of your life and professional have been good to you), you own several items that have sentimental or personal... read more

What is Long-Term Storage?

If you’re preparing for a residential move and need secure storage for some of your belongings, in many cases you may need to utilize long-term residential storage. The process of moving your personal belongings to storage, particularly large items, can take time, and they also may need to sit in... read more

How to schedule a residential move

This simple “countdown” will help you plan and organize your upcoming household move. This is an approximate schedule that we’ve seen work for nearly every residential move. We suggest using this timetable as closely as possible. Also, keep in mind that some things on this schedule may vary for you.... read more

EBTH Customer Questions

Dear Customers of EBTH (Everything But The House), We have been receiving calls related to EBTH orders and picking up items.  As of customer of EBTH, you must contact their customer service for inquiries related to items you have released to them or bid on.   Before coming to our... read more

Tips On Packing

Moving home can be a grueling task, largely thanks to having to pack. If you have a lot of stuff, it can take a long time to try and get it all packed up. You have to try and do it in between your other commitments, and it can be... read more

Murphy Move Coordinator Awarded for Quality

Murphy Move Coordinator Awarded for Quality Brewster, NY — Mayflower Transit has honored 10 individuals with the annual Heart of Quality award, which was created to recognize move coordinators throughout the van line who provide customers with exceptional service. An integral part of the moving process, it is the move... read more

What Shouldn’t go on the Moving Truck?

John C Murphy Moving and Storage is Dedicated to Safe Moving To help ensure the safe moving and/or storage of your belongings, please refer to all the information below. It is important to know that not everything should get packed and loaded onto the moving truck.  Exceptions may be made... read more

How to prepare a home-office for moving day

Working from home has increased in popularity over the past few years. Although a lot of people are still working in offices, many are now running their own, home office. This is due to the increase in tech that has made setting up a company in the comfort of your... read more

Mike Davis Awarded Van Operator of the Month

Congratulations Michael Davis of John C. Murphy Moving & Storage for achieving Van Operator of the Month! “Van Operator of the Month”  is a top-level award for Van Operators (Drivers) presented by Mayflower Transit in recognition for outstanding performance in service and safety. Mike earned the award during May, which... read more