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How To Handle Moving With Sentimental And High-value Items

Say you’re moving soon and you’ve wisely chosen to hire a professional moving company. But since it’s the first time you’ve made a move like this (and the last few years of your life have been good to you), you own several items that have sentimental or personal value. Maybe you are moving jewelry or just other personal valuables that you would not want to be broken or otherwise damaged. What should you do?

First and foremost, let’s address the questions you need to get comfortable with the idea that someone else is moving your belongings.

Do a Little Research

When hiring a moving company, you will want one with a great reputation. I would check online as well as talk with people you know who’ve needed and used a residential moving company. Ask how well their chosen mover handled things, such as moving jewelry or other items of significant value. Usually, a great moving company will have a service specifically for moving personal valuables. These guidelines may even involve keeping them in a separate box or vehicle, to simply lining the box they are contained in with bubble wrap or other protective materials. Search for reviews online for each individual moving company, read through them carefully.

Ask for Proof

Most reputable moving companies maintain records of their history, licenses, certifications, and employees. If you’re interviewing a few movers, notice which companies are affiliated with industry organizations such as The Better Business Bureau, ProMover or Move for Hunger.

Hold onto the items Yourself

Another option, unpopular as it may be, would be to personally carry your more valuable items with you. So when you begin moving, put them in your own vehicle, out of sight. That way you can keep track of them, yourself.

Moving can be Stressful

We understand that the process of moving can be challenging for many people.  Whether your move is across the street or across the country, finding a new place for you, your family, pets and everything you own, takes time.

As professional movers, we’ve had the opportunity to serve thousands of families. Murphy Moving and Storage, Inc. has worked in the industry for more than 100 years. We’ve had over a century to learn, focus and perform for our customers. We’d be very happy to provide our experience, trustworthy staff and well-trained managers to you for your next move.


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