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2 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Packers

Professional packing services are a very worthwhile option for almost anyone who has to move. Who has the time anymore to pack up their own house? Many people think better of packing themselves and leave it to pro packers, who pack homes for a living and do it two times faster than the average person. Professional packers do have a cost, but they can also prevent the person who moves from paying the price when an item they pack poorly breaks. 


People who decline packing services often get hung up on their price, but they should consider how much packing services could save them. Obviously, pro packers can help save would-be DIY packers significant time, but don’t forget “time is money”. Taking off work to pack for moving means losing salary or a vacation day or weekend. Pro packers will get the job done twice as quickly.

Pro packers will provide proper boxes for their packing clients. The right boxes are sturdier and help prevent fragile items from being damaged in transit. If the price of a professional packing service seems high, imagine the cost of replacing your valuables instead! Every item has a right box, but most people don’t have the experience to know which. Most people opt for a box they have easier access to, which is often less sturdy and leaves their items more vulnerable. Pro packers, especially the experienced crews at Murphy Movers, will also use the most proven methods to pack items in these sturdier boxes to prevent damage.


Not many people actually like to pack, let alone liking the free time they have to give up to dedicate to packing all of their belongings. Why not just let a professional handle that and get to something actually enjoyable? The moving process already takes so much effort and encompasses so many different tasks that someone who doesn’t want to pack all their belongings on top of that shouldn’t feel obligated to stretch themselves even thinner.

Hiring professional packers also offers peace of mind unrivaled by any other part of the moving process. Knowing your belongings will be in the hands of experienced professionals every step of the way really helps ease the moving day stress. In the exceedingly rare case that something does go wrong, professional packers will also provide insurance to help clients get back value if their belongings are damaged.


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