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How Not To Pack For An Upcoming Move

Common Packing Mistakes

When you think about it, the bulk of your move is actually time spent packing. Whether you have a team to help or are doing the job on your own, you’ll spend hours going through all of your belongings and getting ready for life in a new home.

Therefore, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that often accompany packing for a move. After all, the way in which you pack your stuff will determine whether or not it gets to your new home unscathed or in pieces. Here are some common mistakes we’ve seen that we hope you can avoid.

Using Ripped or Weak Boxes

While you may use a few suitcases or plastic bins, the majority of your boxes will likely be cardboard. But no matter the material, you should make sure that the boxes are structurally sound and show no signs of wear. Even if you put “light” items in these boxes, they may be subject to strong forces during the move or on the road.

Avoid boxes that are ripped, have holes, or don’t stay together well. Also, avoid boxes that are paper-thin or don’t hold well when you add objects.

Skipping Protective Measures

There’s a reason all your delivered packages come with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. The road can be rough, and you don’t want your stuff damaged before it even arrives. The same goes for moving. Cover fragile items and make sure they aren’t bumping up against each other. Ensure anything made of glass is well wrapped and labeled on the outside of the box.

You may also want to protect furniture with wraps or blankets. Take apart pieces that may be easier to transport separately rather than together to minimize possible damage.

Not Organizing

It’s much easier to organize while packing than unpacking. When in your new home, you’ll want to open a box and be able to place items nearby. You definitely won’t want to open a box and see silverware next to sheets next to books next to toiletries. Take some time to organize your boxes by room, and throw out items you don’t need now rather than give yourself more work after moving.

Here With You Every Step of Your Move

From packing to moving, the Murphy Moving & Storage team is dedicated to making every part of your move stress-free. Contact us today at (845) 276-3060 and see the difference a quality mover can make.


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