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Have A Smartphone? Ask For A “virtual Survey” For Your Moving Estimate

Virtual Surveys are Easy and Free!

Getting an estimate from Murphy just got easier! We now offer “Virtual Surveys” as an option for our customers with no app to download! If you are moving, an in-home estimate is an essential part of getting the most accurate quote. A Virtual Survey allows our estimators to see your household items to be moved. You don’t have to worry about answering your door and physically walking someone through your home. The Virtual Survey option is all done remotely, using your smartphone or tablet. It’s an easy and fast way to get your moving quote.

What is a “Virtual Survey” and how does it compare to an In-Home Estimate?

An in-home survey is where one of our estimators comes to your home and visually surveys the items to be moved. A Virtual Survey is like doing a video chat with your friends or family only, this time, you are video-chatting with Murphy’s estimator and showing him or her the belongings you need to be moved. And just like an in-home estimate, your Virtual Survey is free!

What do I need to get a Virtual Survey from Murphy Moving & Storage?

Complete the form on this page for your free estimate and ask for a Virtual Survey!

All you need is your smartphone or tablet! We recommend you use a smartphone so you’ll have a steady internet connection as you walk through your home. If you use a tablet, use one with cellular data.

At Murphy Moving & Storage, we aim to take every stress out of your move. Starting from the moment you contact us through to your moving day. The Virtual Survey app is super simple and easy by design. Take the opportunity now to call us at (845) 276-3060 or complete the form on our website today to schedule your appointment and be sure to ask for your free Virtual Survey. You’ll join the hundreds of customers who have tried it!

Updated November 1, 2023


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