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What Is A Virtual Survey?

Updated November 1, 2023

For those who are looking to move, there are a lot of problems that you have to handle. A lot of these problems can be made easier by hiring a moving company. However, it can be difficult for a busy individual to find the time to schedule a mover to come and give them an estimate for the cost of moving. You want to make the best decision possible without breaking your bank. That estimate is an important part of choosing a moving company and knowing just where you can allocate additional funds.

A Great Time to Contact Murphy Movers

A brand new feature that makes for easy scheduling of moving estimates involves a virtual survey.

As the name might suggest, this survey is performed virtually and involves connecting with our Virtual Survey Specialists through your mobile phone. The Steps are SO EASY!:

  • Contact our office via the phone (845) 276-3060website form, or scheduling page
  • We add your information to our system (name, address, bedrooms, etc.)
  • Tell us your preferred date and the time
  • We email you a link the day of the estimate along with a unique access code
  • There’s no app to download, just enter the access code
  • Once connected, you’re face to face with a Murphy representative to start your virtual estimate.

For those who choose to undergo easy scheduling and have a moving services estimate performed live, you can simply schedule your survey through our website.

For the virtual survey option, a Murphy Moving company representative will be online with you during the survey. We’ll take note of the items that need to be packed, the distance that you need to travel to your new location, and other factors and costs that will make up your moving services estimate.

The perk of having the representative online with you as you perform the survey is that you can ask us questions as the survey is conducted in real time. Perhaps you’re unsure if you need special packaging for certain items. You can ask our representative and we can either inform you or find out for you. We’ll also be able to tell you whether or not the specialized packaging will affect the cost of moving.

Another advantage is that if our representative has any questions for you, then they can ask you during the survey. This can limit the amount of “back-and-forth” communication that might take place before an estimate is provided. A virtual moving services estimate can be given with excellent accuracy based on the questions our experienced representative might have for you.

What To Record

We’ll need you to focus on a few main things during the survey. The first is to ensure that the camera is facing the right way. (We know that might sound a little silly. But we do occasionally receive recordings of customers talking to “the camera” when what we really need to see is the living space and items in it.) You may also want to mute your microphone if you don’t wish us to hear you or anyone in the home.

During the actual recording session, be sure that you record all of the items that need to be moved in their original condition. This can ensure that we both know if the object was broken before or during the moving process. It will help insurance policies later on in the event that something breaks. We’ll also need to know key access points to your home to make for easy moving. You can show us where we can park, which is the best way to access your home and any other problems that may arise when moving large pieces of furniture out of rooms. This basically helps ensure convenience for moving.

Finally, you should also record packing requirements that you may have for us. Are there items that require specialized packing? Do you need us to give you those items? Perhaps there are delicate objects like glass, crystal, antique furniture, or other precious heirlooms that need to be moved. You can show us what those items are so we can plan an effective residential moving strategy to ensure that those items arrive at their destination safely.

Residential moving has never been easier. Once we review the video, we can offer you an estimate, and then we can plan the moving day from there.


Virtual Surveys offer easy scheduling for getting your free residential moving moving estimate.

A lot of problems can be circumvented with information that is gained before the fact. In the case of moving, problems with parking and accessing the building can often lead to delays. By performing a survey of the parking and accessibility, we can come up with a plan to tackle any problems that may arise from “accessibility”. This, in turn, will make the moving process a lot simpler and faster when Murphy Movers arrive in-person.

Finally, by showing us exactly what kind of packaging needs you require, we can show up with those items when we arrive. Those last few remaining objects and possessions can be carefully packed away according to a pre-determined packing plan that we have arranged thanks to your survey. Essentially, the survey can equip us with all of the information that we need to show up ready to do the job.

Make Moving Easier

Moving is already difficult enough. You can make it far easier on yourself with our Virtual Surveys. You’ll receive the same savings as through any means of survey but with all of the benefits previously mentioned. You shouldn’t have to suffer from the stress and worry that moving so often offers. Instead, contact Murphy Movers today and receive a free and convenient Virtual Survey!


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