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Making The Leap From Big Cities Like Nyc To Small-town Life

In recent years, many families have made the decision to pack up their life in NYC and make the move to smaller, suburban towns. While this is an exciting time for many, the change of pace can be an adjustment, and no move comes without certain stressors.

Luckily, by planning ahead and with the help of a professional moving company like Murphy Moving & Storage, your transition to small-town life can be made easier.

It’s Time to Spread Out

Say goodbye to the days of cramped closets and close quarters. Moving out of your city space and into a suburban home will allow you to spread out and enjoy some extra breathing room. You may even feel that you have too much room at times. Enjoy this change and embrace the opportunity to stretch your legs.

Tip: Have items you’re that are cluttering up your new home that you aren’t ready to part with? Check out our storage services!

A Change of Pace

The hustle and bustle of the city can be exciting — but your new, quiet neighborhood will allow you to slow down and enjoy the little things. Your walk down the street to pick up milk from the bodega will turn into a ten-minute drive to the nearest grocery store. Your neighbors will no longer be strangers but rather friends to chat with and befriend while walking your dog.

This new pace may take time to get used to, but it will slowly allow you to relax and build deeper connections in your community.

Doing More for Yourself

While moving to a small town may bring about more housework, you’ll reap the benefits and enjoy a slower, quieter lifestyle. Now that you have an entire home, garage, and yard to take care of — it’s time to get your hands dirty!

Contrary to city life, small-town living is sure to turn you into the DIY homeowner you’ve been dreaming about. Embrace these new chores that keep you busy — mow the lawn, take on home projects, and shovel the driveway.

Make Your New York Move Stress-Free

While you may be excited about your upcoming transition out of big-city life, the process of moving can be incredibly stressful. That’s where Murphy Moving & Storage comes in! Give our team a call at (845) 276-3060 to discuss your move and to schedule an in-home survey.


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