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Long-distance Moves: What To Do While Waiting For Your Belongings To Arrive

The last box has been packed, the family is in the car, and it’s time to make the long journey to your new home. Long-distance moves can be a big adjustment for the whole family, but if you’ve chosen to hire a professional moving company, the process can be made much more manageable.

As you arrive in your new hometown, you may find yourself with a few days before your moving truck arrives with your belongings. While you’re anxious to unpack, this wait time can be a great way to rest and reset before this new phase of life begins.

Plan Ahead

If you know ahead of time that your belongings will arrive more than one or two days after you do, consider checking into a hotel during that time. This way, the whole family is able to feel more comfortable throughout the transition.

If you’d rather spend this time in your new home, be sure to pack air mattresses and bedding, toiletries, and a few essential kitchen items to make the first few nights more convenient.

Use Your Time Wisely

Take advantage of this extra time to get your new home move-in ready! Do a deep clean and make any minor repairs as needed. Once the movers arrive, your home will be spotless and ready for all your belongings.

Take a Mini-Vacation

Moving is a stressful time for anyone, and a long-distance move comes with its own set of stressors and challenges. Use this delay to plan a mini-vacation with the family! Whether this means taking the kids to an indoor water park or going on a quick camping trip, the added relaxation and family time will make the transition into your new home a bit easier.

Long-Distance Moves with Murphy Moving & Storage

When taking on a long-distance move, it’s important to limit stress wherever possible. The Murphy Moving & Storage team is here to help your family from packing to unpacking! Give us a call at (845) 276-3060 to schedule your in-home survey and get an estimate for your move today.


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