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How To Wrap A Couch For Moving

Couches can be extremely awkward to move due to their weight and shape and require extra time and attention to relocate them safely without causing damage to the item or your home. The pro movers at Murphy Moving & Storage have been moving couches for years and are here with all the tips you need to get your couch out of your old house and into your new home.


Before relocating a couch, it’s important to make sure you have the proper materials needed. At Murphy Moving & Storage, we keep it simple: moving blankets and shrink wrap. But just because we keep the materials to a minimum doesn’t mean we aren’t providing the best protection possible for your couch! These products do a great job of adding an extra layer of padding for the couch as well as your walls and doorframes.

Wrapping the Couch

Now that you have your moving blankets and shrink wrap, it’s time to bundle things up for moving. It’s important to note that if you have a sleeper sofa, begin this process by tying the bed into place to avoid shifting while moving or while on the truck.

Start by removing the legs if possible; this will make moving the item easier. Set the legs aside in a well-labeled box to ensure they aren’t misplaced. Next, throw moving blankets over the couch for padding. Then run the shrink wrap completely around it, turn it on its “knees” (the front bottom part where your legs go), and finish wrapping it so that it’s completely sealed with shrink wrap.

Now your couch is protected and ready for moving!

Pro Tip: When moving a leather couch, take extra care to wrap the piece thoroughly with blankets before shrink-wrapping. This will protect them from getting scratched, ripped, or punctured.

Tips for Moving a Couch on Your Own

If you choose to DIY your move and move your couch on your own, here are some tips from the experts:

Don’t skimp on the materials, they make all the difference when it comes to protecting your home and furniture. Plus, they provide a better grip when moving!
Take time to remove the legs if possible, it will make maneuvering and carrying much easier.

Once placed in the moving truck, strap it down! Make sure you have plenty of straps and ropes to keep the piece from slipping and sliding.

Should I Hire a Professional to Move a Couch?

The professional moving team at Murphy Moving & Storage is comprised of individuals who have been in the business for 10-15 years — making them experts at moving all household items. Couches can be especially tricky to navigate through the home, get through doorways, and onto the moving truck, so why not trust a crew who has completed dozens of successful moves before?

Some other perks of hiring our team to move your couch include:

  • An understanding of all the tricks of the trade.
  • Thorough wrapping and padding.
  • Removal and replacement of doors and their hinge pins as needed for easier moving.
  • Added care and attention to white or lighter-colored couches.
  • No need to rent and drive your own moving truck — we have that covered!

Get in Touch!

Moving is stressful enough without the responsibility of moving your heavy couch out of the home and onto the truck. Give yourself a break and let the Murphy crew handle the relocation of your couch while remaining committed to safe and quality service.

Contact our team by calling (845) 276-3060 to discuss your needs and how we can make your upcoming move a breeze!


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