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Household Storage


Short & Long-Term Solutions for Your Home

When packing up a home, many homeowners realize they have far more stuff than they thought. Crammed in the closet, shoved under the beds, cluttered in the basement – it seems to be everywhere. When moving into a new home, sometimes it’s hard to unpack all at once. Murphy Moving & Storage offers a solution. We provide household storage services and will keep your property safe in the long or short term.

We can help you decide which storage option is best for you based on the needs of you and your family.
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Climate-Controlled Storage

Some items in your home may require more care than others. Things like clothes, books, toys, and some furniture will be just fine in a storage unit that isn’t heated or cooled. Other items, like artwork, pictures, and items that are sensitive to hot or cold, require a controlled climate. Murphy offers climate-controlled storage units that will protect these items so that they always remain in the same condition as when they were when they arrived.

Household Storage Vaults

Murphy’s household storage vaults provide prime conditions for your personal belongings. Rest assured that your goods are securely wrapped and placed inside our warehouse vaults, thus giving you peace of mind that your items are stored in a safe and secured environment. We maintain your household goods 24/7 within our secure facility by combining the security and safety of our warehouse facilities with our professional warehouse team.

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Reach out to Murphy Moving & Storage to learn more about our storage services as well as our moving and packing solutions. Whether you need storage while you move, during a renovation, or simply to store some things for a bit, we’ve got you covered.
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